My little prince

My little prince

I believe he took advantage of a wild bird migration to get away from it.
On the morning of the departure he put his planet in order.
He carefully cleaned the chimney of his volcanoes in activity.
He owned two active volcanoes.
And it was very convenient for making breakfast in the morning warm.
And he also owned an extinct volcano.
But, as he said, “you never know” and so he also swept the chimney of the extinct volcano. And when he first watered his flower, he prepared to put it under the glass bell. , he discovered that he had a great desire to cry.
“Goodbye,” he said to the flower.
But the flower did not answer.
“Goodbye”, he repeated.
The flower coughed. But no, it was because it was cool.
“I was a fool,” he finally said, “excuse me, and try to be happy.”
He was surprised by the lack of reproaches. He was baffled, with the glass bell in the air. He did not understand that calm sweetness.
“Yes, I love you,” said the flower, "and you did not know it because of me, it does not matter, but you’ve been as foolish as me, try to be happy, leave this glass bell, do not I want her more ".
“But the wind …”
“I’m not so cool, the cool night air will do me good, I’m a flower.”
“But the beasts …”
“I have to endure some caterpillar if I want to know butterflies, they seem to be so beautiful … If not, who will come to visit me? You will be far away and big beasts I’m not afraid, I have my claws”.
And he naively showed his four thorns.
Then he continued:
“Do not linger like that, it’s irritating, you’ve decided to leave and then leave.”
Because he did not want me to see him cry. It was such a proud flower … (Little Prince -chapter 9) ….. Hello Sasha 💙

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