Between Minds Collaboration 2017

Between Minds Collaboration 2017

I know that miscarriage is taboo, hard to understand, and a really uncomfortable as a subject of the conversation. It’s straight up awkward. I don’t want to share my story of loss to make you feel uncomfortable. I share it because my story is one of the million other. I share it because so many people are alone in this, silent… Ten years ago…when I experienced my second miscarriage at almost twelve weeks pregnant , one of the deepest scars it left me with was fear. As I grieved the loss of my child, and what could have been, I was also paralyzed by a fear that I would never again have a healthy child. My miscarriage was so sudden, so unexpected. I had been in to my doctor’s office for a perfect, normal ultrasound just the day before. I saw my baby moving and growing normally: the perfect heartbeat, the size right on track. Then, my baby passed away inside me… The next few weeks…months…years… were a blur of deep sadness like I’ve never experienced before. I told close friends and family about my loss but no one really knew what to say or how to react. No one shares their stories. For a woman, carrying a child should be the most natural thing in the world, so when you feel like you can’t do that properly, it’s almost shameful. For a while, I felt that way about myself but have since changed my views. I am a mother now. I have a child, conceived after my second miscarriage. I love my son dearly: he is perfect, wonderful and amazing. I am aware that the pain of other women who never carry a child must be greater than mine. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not hurt..

My inspiration Art by Luke Chueh

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Perfectly done,so touching ❤️❤️❤️


Amazing piece!!!!

Raquel García Martínez

This is a sad story that has really touched my heart and thankfully you are blessed with a wonderful son. You are right to bring it to our attention. This type of suffering is overlooked. Your artwork is stunning.

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

So touching a piece. The depth of unexplainable sudden sadness comes across in great clarity. Your explanation adds meaning. Thank you and may you know no more grief or sadness.

The Garden Baker