B-day cake for little girl with princess Locika. This cake is very tiny 12×12cm and in real was very cute. I had to problem give away because I fell in love . 😂
Locika is handoainted and flower is from waferpaper.

Enjoy it.

cakes and sweets by Šárka Finsterlová


So pretty!! Beautiful painting

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

She’s beautiful (is Locika the same as Rapunzel from Tangled Sarka?)
She looks very similar.


Karen’s Kakery yes, international name of this fairytale is Rapunzel. My mistake. 😉

cakes and sweets by Šárka Finsterlová

Fabulous!!!! Looooooove her!!💖💖💖


Absolutely stunning, I can’t get enough of your cakes <3

Beautiful 😍Úžasná je! :) ❤️

Layla A

Absolutely beautiful!

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