Solar System Birthday Cake

Solar System Birthday Cake
Solar System Birthday Cake

Hello everyone,

Birthday cake for my second son is finished. Now he is 7 years old..time runs so fast…
Sun is made with icing, planets with fondant.
No airbrush effect, all handpainted.
Best whishes

Kind regards Jennifer


So in love with this, wow, you’ve nailed the theme perfectly!! Stunning

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Goooorgeous <3

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This is spectacular Jennifer, absolutely incredible!!! <3

This is the most creative thing i have ever seen great job dear👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖
Can i ask is these planets large foam balls??

Hend Taha

Time does go so fast! We blink and they go from babes to men! <3 It’s wonderful, I bet he loved it!

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