This is the buttercup I made some weeks ago in a workshop with the amazing Robert Haynes at a cake show in Germany.

In the main picture you see 3 different buttercups. The flower in the front bottle I made with wafer paper and in the back bottle it’s a real buttercup. In the bottle on the right side it’s the sugar buttercup with one blossom and one leaf made by me and the others were made by Robert. I really recommend him as a teacher! So many tipps and so much fun! ♥

The other pictures only show my wafer paper buttercup. Hope you like it! Xxx

Floralilie Sugar Art


These are just breathtaking and look like they came right out of the field!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Amazing!! They are so beautiful and very realistic! x


Amazing it looks so real


They look real! Fantastic 💛💛💛