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Spring Chocolate Magic with the Guest artist Calli Hopper at CI

I couldn’t be happier about how this Spring Chocolate Magic for the Cake International Spring Show at Birmingham came out.

I was thrilled when the awesome cake myth Calli Hopper said yes to collaborate with me to create a handpainted mural with cocoa butter colours over a chocolate wall.
Sadly she was too busy to paint live at the show but she painted for me 8 magnificent animals over tempered white chocolate shapes. I must say that once I’ve seen her incredible painted animals I felt totally inspired to design the enviroment for them with painted bass relief, though I was afraid to not reach the level of awesomeness of her work.

Working live is not easy, there are loads of distractions and I’ve got to prepare and paint the whole wall of 4×2′5 meters in only three days tempering 60 kg of the best Callebaut chocolate for covering the wall and adding layers for the bass relief. All painted using Magic chocolate and powder colours mised with allebaut cocoa butter.

Thank you Cake International for trusting in my work and hosting my live chocolate show again. Thank you to Calli Hopper an incredibly beautiful (inside and outside) cake artist and master painter. Thanks of course to the awesome sponsors Callebaut, Magic Colours and Dummies Direct for allowing us work with their awesome products. And finally thank you to the Cake International awesome public for joining us, tasting our work and for the kind compliments and support they comunicated us during the live painting.

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-- Anka

Amazing !!!

-- Monika- MOLI Cakes

Es un trabajo maravilloso!!!!💞💞💞

-- Rosa Guerra


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Absolutely fantastic 💖💖💖

-- Clara

Fantastic !

-- happy cupcakes "serving happiness"


-- Teri, Ontario, Canada http://www.TeriLovesCake.ca

Fantastic 😍

-- Francesca Marangoni

This is so amazing!

Absolutely wonderful..must have been magnificent to see!!

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