The Godness Tree

The Godness Tree
The Godness Tree The Godness Tree The Godness Tree



According to mythology, tree is the connection between the ground and the sky. Apple tree represents immortality. The most important feature of this tree is hosting the birds that are messengers of the Gods. Their roots lie back to the past to underground. Hence the souls of the dead are believed to live through the branches of trees or in their bodies.

In this piece of art, the Goddess Tree in myth is implemented with the sculpted wooden effect with sugar paste. The apple in her left hand symbolizes immortality. The blue bird in her right hand represents peace. Roots of her extending underground is the bridge between the past and now as in the myth. Snake around her body represents the past souls whereas the beehive in her abdomen represents the continuity of life.

Phase 1:
Sketching and scaling of the model
Decision about composition and material to be used
Phase 2:
Constructing the skeleton
Phase 3:
Covering the skeleton with sugar paste
Giving fine details to the model
Colouring and shading of the model with edible paints, hand painting and airbrush painting.