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Nativity Cake

Barn is made from tempered chocolate, critters and people are made from fondant. I think I scarred my daughter when I smudged the little sleeping eyes of baby Jesus and had to rip his head off and make a new one. Not a favorite cake of mine and I deliberated as to whether I wanted to post this or not, but it’s almost Christmas, so why not?


nativity manger baby jesus joseph mary angel christmas cake



Oh, it is beautiful!

Lesley Wright

Cute as buttons. Love it.


I look at the expressions on their faces … are awesome! I love it!

Victorious Cupcakes

I now have you down for 3 Christmas cakes of the day…how will I ever decide now!?! :0D

Benni Rienzo Radic

Love it! LOL about ripping the head off. Must have been funny to see!;-)


ha- funny story Peggy, this cake is adorable – WE are all glad you did post this :)


This is my absolute favorite!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Haha, Love your caption! Too cute!


Super cute!


I love your work!

Peggy Does Cake

Holy smokes at the attention this cake has gotten – and it’s such a crappy cake! I’ve only made a handful of cakes that I was really proud of, and this definitely is NOT one of them hehe. Thanks everyone!


I’m glad you posted this cake. Love the fact that it’s the nativity scene.

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Nativity Cake