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Nativity Cake

Barn is made from tempered chocolate, critters and people are made from fondant. I think I scarred my daughter when I smudged the little sleeping eyes of baby Jesus and had to rip his head off and make a new one. Not a favorite cake of mine and I deliberated as to whether I wanted to post this or not, but it’s almost Christmas, so why not?


Oh, it is beautiful!

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Cute as buttons. Love it.

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I look at the expressions on their faces … are awesome! I love it!

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I now have you down for 3 Christmas cakes of the day…how will I ever decide now!?! :0D

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Love it! LOL about ripping the head off. Must have been funny to see!;-)

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ha- funny story Peggy, this cake is adorable – WE are all glad you did post this :)

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This is my absolute favorite!

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I love your work!

Holy smokes at the attention this cake has gotten – and it’s such a crappy cake! I’ve only made a handful of cakes that I was really proud of, and this definitely is NOT one of them hehe. Thanks everyone!


I’m glad you posted this cake. Love the fact that it’s the nativity scene.