Give peace a chance..."I Can"

Give peace a chance..."I Can"

Amazing 30 Turkish Sugar Artists come together to give a message of peace by making sugar creations! Presented by Global Sugar Artists Network.

And this is my cake deign for “Give peace a chance collaboration”.

Name of my cake design is “I CAN”

I am inspired by firstly the movie named Schidler’s list, and its famous scene that the girl in red coat who wander alone amid the horror and panic. And in those days sadly we all know that such stories of many people and childeren ends in darkness.

So in my project design, that girl is painted by hand over a pretty style flowered white cake surface, wander alone beside a black fabric which is about to cover her, in this way i wanted to creat a sense contrast… After I used typography act just like pushing the fabric away from the girl and that cake before it covers all and brings darkness, my text contains our team motto but changed with a little wordplay, inorder to give the message of “I CAN CHANGE” therewithal our team motto “Give peace a CHANCE”

Ferhan Dilek Uluocak