Painting and drawing everywhere… Love to make art workshops

I was born in Istanbul in 1978. I graduated at the Graphics Design Department of Fine Arts Academy of Mimar Sinan University. I have been working for the sales and marketing departments of several companies and as freelance Graphic Designer for more than 15 years. As my interest in drawing and fine arts came together with my interest of cake arts, I began painting cakes with food colorings, and used white covered sugar cakes as canvas.

I am really excited about painting cakes and turning them into 2D, 3D and relief paintings. It also gives me a chance to incorporate the art of painting with various celebrations that take place in of our life with a new functionality.

At the same time it is a pleasure for me to share my knowledge with my students, by teaching them the techniques of fondant painting in my workshops at my own studio.

I am working on both art painting lectures and basic art design lectures, and also working on ordered paintings with mixed techniques over different decorative materials.