ANIMALS RIGHTS - Collaboration (Ortolan)

ANIMALS RIGHTS - Collaboration (Ortolan)

So proud to be part of that collaboration.
I chose a bird that is disappearing in France: the ortolan.

30,000 to 50,000 ortolans are killed there each year after being fattened 3 or 4 weeks in the dark and drowned in the Armagnac. Their coat is then reduced in the mouth and swallowed in one go, in a slurry of flesh, bones, and viscera.

They are placed in narrow cages where they can hardly move; But, to them, to the claustration, to the privation of movement, is added that of the light. They are held in the stillness and in the darkness until they have become these small melting balls so delicately, perfumed.

Under cover of tradition, this hunting is especially lucrative for poachers, since the sale of a single bird on the black market yields up to 150 euros.