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Sweet Art for World Light Day 2016

When i was asked to join this collaboration i immedialty said yes! it was a honour to join in this collaboration. A lot of stories, a lot of tears and a lot of compassion among the participants.

i have no childern of my own (due to certain circumstances) but i can not imagion what it’ s like to loose a child. I choose for the bunny character because she is a worldwide known character. I made an angel of this bunny representing all the angels in heaven. i combined it with a poem The poem is a dutch poem that says:

Higher than the clouds, beyond the moon. Your bright star will always shine in heaven.

-- Angelique Cake Garden

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Calli Creations

Ahhh, so sweet and touching

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Sweet & Touching..


Gorgeous 😘😘

Carola Smits ( Stoere Taarten)

Such a beautiful cake xxx

Cake Day

Beautiful cake

Paula Rebelo


Sandra Smiley

This is such a beautiful piece!\


So lovely

Mina Bakalova


Bakmuts en zo

I love it ❤


So lovely

Elli Warren

Beautiful!!! :-) x


Love!!! So sweet ❤️❤️❤️

Karen Dodenbier

Brilliant. X

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Sweet Art for World Light Day 2016