Silent night

Silent night
Silent night Silent night

This is the cake I made to enter the Cake International competition in Birmingham november 2016. I was in the Christmas category. It was the first time I made the royal icing curved shape side panels and the “royal icing flanges” at the bottom of the cake. It takes more than one month to complete the cake. It is a very difficult technique so I’m happy of the result even if the cake has some uneven parts…. room for improvement! Thanks for watching! Ciao
Ah, I forgot…. the cake was awarder with a gold.

Claudia Prati


One of my favourite pieces, amazing work Claudia

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Wow! This is absolutely stunning!

Ahhh yes!!!! I saw this at the show and was spellbound with the sheer mastery of your Royal icing!!! Congratulation, it’s so beautful and perfect 👏👏

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Incredible work!!

Laura Loukaides -

Absolutely beautiful work, outstanding in every way!!

Thank you Calli, Thank you everbody! <3

Claudia Prati