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Sugar Skull Bakers Collaboration

It’s finally time to reveal my sugar skull cake made for the @sugarskullbakers collaboration!
¡Feliz Día De Los Muertos! 🏵💀🏵 My piece was inspired by an amazing Australian artist, Andy of @Jack of the Dust ! Check out his outstanding work! Thank you Andy for allowing me to recreate one of your skulls in cake!

When i was invited to join Sugar Skulls collaboration, I kept reading about Día de los muertos as I was looking for inspiration for my piece. My mind kept taking me back to the image of Andy’s skull. The skull resembles death, while green moss, the waterfall, and cherry blossom trees resemble life. Which perfectly illustrates that our dearly beloved who have passed away are yet so much alive in our minds and hearts…

Eman x


-- Eman Abukoash

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Berna García / Ilusiona Cakes

Great piece!

Verusca Walker

Love it !!!!

Elli Warren

Looks amazing!! Brilliant! :-) x

Have Some Cake

Love it!

il mondo di ielle


Florence Devouge

love it! very original!

Znique Creations

Awesome job Eman!!



Eman Abukoash

Thank you all ❤

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Sugar Skull Bakers Collaboration