Prince Castle Cake

Prince Castle Cake
Prince Castle Cake
Prince Castle Cake
Prince Castle Cake

A prince theme Castle,
Draw Bridge door,
Cobblestone path,
Water below the bridge,
Horse carriage (Had to cheat on that using it as a candle stand)
LED lit up Turrets- Lots of them,
Chocolate Prince,
Dozens of Princess around the cake,
A dragon blowing Fire,
Fire torch near the doors,
shield and sword,
Revolving cake….
Went on and on my 4 year old son about his 5th birthday cake!
I did whatever i could in the busy week Only to hear him say " Mom, you did a big mistake! There are no clams on the water near the bridge!! i wanted chocolate clams!"
It was all worth it for the Thank You he MEANT after his birthday party :)
So heres the 4 tier alternate layers of Butter Pecan and Chocolate cake filled and frosted with Belgium couverture chocolate Ganache, Waffle cone turrets that was lit up from the inside with LED lights and the top tiers were revolving cakes.

Sugar Code by Saadhana Parthiban,


Nice job..

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎