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Aria the Autumn Fairy - Woodland Fairies Collaboration

Aria is an Autumn Fairy. She loves everything from woodland brown to shimmery gold. She controls everything from the falling leaves to the colder winds of Autumn. From the minute she awakes, her role is to make sure that the transition goes smoothly from Summer to Winter.
Aria awoke to the last minutes of a Summers day. She made a list of what she needed to do and got to work. Ok…help the Summer fairy pack up her hot sunny evenings, flowers in bloom and warm breeze… When Summer was all packed up Aria began to work her magic.
“Number one, make the nights arrive earlier…done! Number two, make the air cooler…done! Number three, make the leaves turn golden and begin to fall…done! Number four, make the skies grey…done! Number five, get the pumpkins ready…done!
Now the important tasks were done, everyone knew Autumn had arrived. Now Aria is free to roam the woods, keeping an eye on things until the Winter fairy takes over. She strolls through the woods picking fruits, feeding the woodland creatures, and changing the colour of the leaves. This is the part she enjoys the most!