...~Woodland ...~make a wish~...

...~Woodland ...~make a wish~...
...~Woodland ...~make a wish~... ...~Woodland ...~make a wish~...

Happy to share with you all my contribution to the Woodland Fairies International Artist Collaboration


The magic of this beauty comes from the group of diverse elements together , like the texture of the moss balls , the sugar paste wood, paring with handmade Succulents , freesias , fiddle heads ferns , ranunculus ,mushrooms and of course , the magic of the fairies blowing a A 2D dandelion flower.

..~~ Every dream begins with a Wish ~~..

Chiki New York


❤️ so beautiful! perfect! ❤️

Michaela Kmecová

Thank you ! <3

Chiki New York

Thank you Marlene ! <3

Chiki New York


Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx


Het is zoals het is en dat is goed zo.....it is as it is and that's oké