The Caketastics collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤

The Caketastics  collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤
The Caketastics  collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤
The Caketastics  collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤
The Caketastics  collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤
The Caketastics  collaboration: Eve-The Vacuum Cleaner❤

The first thought I had when I got the invitation message from Daniel Dieguez was: “Awwww this has to be mistake” then I went through " No way, it can’t be…he’s for real!!!!" and then I experienced joy,terror,exaltation,panic and a thousand more emotions because…I had never ever made a sculpted cake in my entire life, neither had used rice krispies treats( yeah I know….kill me!! _) nor I had made such big structures!!!
I usually work on fondant figurines to put on the top of cakes and that’s it!
But Daniel’s big heart and mind always push people to their limits and I guess one of his superpowers is to know better what an artist potential is…or maybe he’s just crazy as every genius is! LOL
I’ll be thanking him for this like forever!!!!❤

Now let me tell you the story…
I am Dark Mirror :

“You better be careful ‘cause there’s no way to hide from her look! If you dare to cross her eyes she will be able to see your inner evil side and give life to it as a perfect fondant double of you. Sugar has never tasted so bitter…Are you ready to fight against yourself?”

In 2016, as revenge for their defeat in Barcelona, the surviving ringleaders of the alien army have decided to orchestrate a simultaneous worldwide attack. But, as they do not have enough power, they are transforming all living beings into monsters to continue their path of worldwide domination and destruction.
Daniel Dieguez once again activated the sign of the Caketastic maximum alert to call super powerful worldwide confectioners to help us conquer evil and so the Caketastics collaboration is born. All over the world monsters appear and the most powerful superconfectioners fight to win. Enjoy watching this epic battle!

And here is the battle I had to face:

EVE, The Vacuum Cleaner
It was a lovely sunday morning when I decided to go visit my long time friend Eve. I hadn’t seen her for a while and was missing our usual coffee break when all you had to do was sit down, enjoy your coffe and talk about your everyday stuff… As I walked in, I suddenly noticed something strange that caught my eye and made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The whole house was a complete mess. And not only that. Everything looked as if it it had gone through a food processor …almost like it had been chewed or something . That was kind of weird…Eve had always been one of those let-me-clean-the-house kinda freak. With a little hesitation I called her name: " Eve…uhm.. u ok??" All I could hear was a horrible and loud sound coming from the living room. It reminded me of something …but what? An engine maybe..nope, not really. Then I saw her. She was in front of me, turning her back on me or …what once used to be her back! My eyes were slowly sliding from her head full of curlers to what it seemed to me like the longest neck in the world. At the very end of it there was a vacuum cleaner ( oh, that horrible sound!!!) with wheels instead of legs. All of a sudden it was crystal clear: the aliens were searching for helpers once again and had used her obsession for cleaning to turn my beloved friend into a monster, almost a Minotaur, half housewife -half vacuum cleaner whom only aim was to to eat things and puke them back, helping the invadors to destroy every human trace. I was horrified by that vision but I knew exactly what I had to do to fix the situation. I knew had to use my superpowers. I called her once again and forced her to look into my fierce and yet so scared eyes and gave life a perfect replica of her, a chocolate cake Doppelgänger. I was watching the fiercest battle I had ever seen in my entire life. Eve fought with all herself but couldn’t resist the amazing strength of my monster cake and eventually surrendered. She slowly turned back into the sweet good girl I once knew and we ate togher a slice of my now armless creation. She has never been so concerned about cleaning from that day on, having a more relaxed attidude…but still, when a crumb falls off her table to the floor, or her eye fall upon bit of dust on a shelf, I can see a creepy smile on her face and her eyes gets darker but… I’m pretty sure she’s no longer going to be a threat to the world. Lesson learned.

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Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art


Hahaha!!!! I LOVE your story Azzurra!!! And what a fantastic creature she is too!!! So well done, you’re amazing!! Pinned to Caketastics

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits


Danny's Cake Factory I

Awesome!! And love your pics eating the cake! So cool! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for joining our team!!

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Ahhhh love this!!! brilliant!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Absolutely amazing work Azzurra! So creative and funny!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley