Sunny Yellow Birthday Cake

11×15 yellow butter sheet cake with buttercream frosting and tiny fondant & buttercream flowers.

-- BettyA

buttercream flowers birthday


Sandra Smiley

This is so gorgeous, Betty! I made a 1/2 sheet cake yesterday for a house warming party and I tried my best to channel you and pipe it. Didn’t happen! I couldn’t make a decent flower to save my life. If did manage passable (no good, but usable) borders and had to finish with gum paste flowers. My writing looked awful, too. I so, so admire your beautiful work!


You’re so sweet to say that but I feel like my cake designs & work are so “simple” and old fashioned. I see so many on here that I wish I was talented enough to do.


Betty, your ’simple" is always lovely. You always have wonderful color combinations. I actually find buttercream flowers harder to do them the gumpaste ones so I greatly admire your skill. It takes me foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr to make one buttercream flower.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Simple…I don’t think so. Many of the decorators on here could do a sheet cake so perfectly level and filled. And the piped borders, designs and flowers…oh my…always flawless. Your cakes are always so beautifully pleasing to the eyes.


Very pretty!


Pretty. Love the colors!!


So lovely! Looks wonderful! 👏🏻💖

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Sunny Yellow Birthday Cake