Queen Therese .Oktoberfest COLLABORATION

Queen Therese .Oktoberfest COLLABORATION

It took me just one glimpse at the Queen Therese Von Sachsen-Hildburghausen’s picture to fall in love with it! I loved the details, the royalty and elegance. I decided that she should be my piece in the Oktoberfest collaboration.
I used vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and modelling chocolate for the face, Isomalt to create her jewelry, fondant and modelling chocolate for the rest of the dress details. Working on that cake was both very enjoyable and daring! But I loved it very much that I found it very hard to cut into the cake :)

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Ghada Elsehemy


Just brilliant! 👏🏻💖👏🏻👏🏻

Ghada, this is such an amazing piece, well done, I can imagine it was hard to cut the cake.

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@ivon thank you very much :)

Ghada Elsehemy

@mila yes it was and thank you very much dear :)

Ghada Elsehemy

Ghada your piece is outstanding 😍😍
So beautiful

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Wow!!! That’s such an amazing piece!! All these details!!! xx


Such beautiful work. I’m so proud of you!

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