Ivory & Gold

Ivory & Gold
Ivory & Gold Ivory & Gold Ivory & Gold Ivory & Gold

This was the largest cake made to date, a 7 tier ornate ivory and gold wedding cake adorned with sugar flowers. It matched the venue perfectly.
It was made last summer but didn’t get round to posting on here until now. I lost count of the number of eggs or the kilo’s of sugar paste used but there was mountains of it.
Bottom tier is 16" square 6" deep. The 10" tier was an extended 11" high – let me tell you that was a barrel of fun trying to cover that top down with sugar paste…not.
I worked on this cake all week and still hadn’t finished the 6 hours of painting the gold accents by the time it was being assembled (a two hour drive away) – despite deciding not to sleep for the previous 72 hours AND i was a guest at this wedding which took all the strength i had not to fall asleep face down in my starter!
Never again!

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Oh bless you xx The things we do to get a cake out.
I totally understand you must have been shattered for a week!
Well it was a triumph and I bet people are still talking about it now!
Awesome job xxxxxxxxxxxx


Ahhh, labour of love!!! I totally relate to going to the wedding that you’ve done cake for!!! Exhausting!!
Such a gorgeous design

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