Marina Danovska


Marina Danovska

Sep 2013 1,413 Sofia, Bulgaria

I started making cakes in 2011. This activity has become my favorite hobby. My profession is a serious and tense / I'm funereal agent/. Take a rest as make cakes.
/ Excuse me for the English! I use Google translator! :) /


Fifi's Cakes

Your work is excellent!

Marina Danovska

Thank you very much, FifiCakes!!!

Silvia Caeiro Cakes

?? ?? ? ??????
I dont’t know if it well written, but… Amazing work!!

Marina Danovska

Beautiful words, Silina! Thank you very much! :)

Allways Julez

Wow, you have some wonderful cakes… didn’t see your “playing in the snow” cake, till it made top 15. The rest of your cakes are just as great! Julez!

Marina Danovska

Oh Julez, thank you so much for the wonderful words! I’m really happy you like my cakes!

Enchanting Merchant Company

You have a brand you fan!!!!! Love you amazing work x

Marina Danovska

Infinitely many thank you, Melanie! I’m really glad you liked my work! :)*


Your cakes are just too amazing for words! I admire your artistic touch that you give your cakes, and your work is so precise and well executed. Your have incredible talent!

Marina Danovska

I have no words to thank you for the lovely comment! The cakes are for me a huge world that a long time will find. I am happy that what I do enjoy people! Thank you very much for the wonderful words!

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Love your work!!! So talented! I´m following you!

Marina Danovska

Dear Arantxa , thank you very much for the wonderful words! I’m glad you like my work! :)

Leyda Vakarelov

Hi Marina – Great to have found you and to see that you are Bulgarian. My husband is Bulgarian too, and I have had the pleasure to visit your charming city on several occasions as a result!

Marina Danovska

Dear Leyda, I’m really happy with the attention given to me. I’ve long admired the beauty that you create. Glad you like Bulgaria! I wish much happiness to your family!


You are an Awesome cake artist!!! Love your work!!!Xxx