Spring Wedding Cake

Spring Wedding Cake

We are still in spring time and I presented you my Spring Wedding Cake. This cake inspired by the weather and the beauty of spring time. The top tier is done by a hand painting technique.

Then I added Briar Rose (Rosa Rubiginosa / Sweet Briar/ Eglantine) and its petals to make it more beautiful. Briar Rose means Poetry and Simplicity.

The bottom tier is inspired by the design of the fabric texture. As we know that weddings are always related to gorgeous fabric and amazing dresses.

I made this for DIY Weddings Magazine. You can buy the copy in this link : http://www.diyweddingsmag.com/

And this is my badge. Thank you so much Candace Chand from Beau Petit Cupcakes for the opportunity that she gave to me to make this cake <3

Thank you so much for watching.