Sugar peony in five shades

Sugar peony in five shades
Sugar peony in five shades Sugar peony in five shades Sugar peony in five shades Sugar peony in five shades

Between work kids and my huge garden I have been working on some peony tutorials. I’m slowly getting there so thought I might post where I have gotten to so far!
These are freeform, no cutters or tools.

To get this shading I used bakels ivory pettinice.
Claret and purple progel mixed (rainbow dust brand) once I got to the darker colour I wanted I lightened it up with varying amounts of ivory as pictured above. You could do this with a whole range of colours, dark to light pink, dark to light peach, or a lighter colour.

How to prepare your icing
Take Bakels IVORY pettinice (half a 750 gram packet) and knead in 1 heaped teaspoon of tylose powder. Then using a little tiny wee bit of crisco on your hands like you would moisturizer and knead till mixed well.


Wrap very well and store overnight to cure.

Once cured warm it up in your hands.
Then Rub a little tiny bit of Crisco in your hands and start kneading. It will be spongy at first but will change consistency once kneaded properly and warmed.

My tutorials are available at!/Tutorials/c/10773669

Basic peony and advanced coming soon.


That is huge!!! So beautiful! Peonies are my favorite flower

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

SO stunning! I adore your sugar blooms!

I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, I have been set free!


Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

yes it is large Jenny, but I wanted them to be life size.. a real feature flower. They are one of my favs too!! Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments!