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I have used clay modeling method to bring queen CLEOPATRA to life. This method as most of you might be aware of gives you the liberty of woking with fine details. I made the basic body shape first and then added the muscles to it. Finally, the skin was added and then the detailing was taken care of. A live model helped me in understanding the anatomy of the subject.
Besides, the ornamental work on the pillar (i.e. the cat, open wings and the columns ) is done freehand with the help of modeling tools. I tend to focus so much on the details that the overall look somehow gets a step treatment from me. It would be really interesting to know, if you guys also have a similar drawback like me………

Viktoria´s cakes

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Calli Creations

Absolutely blown away!!! You can see your attention to detail, and yes having a live model sure helps… You’ve captured the essence of this iconic queen as well as the brilliant anatomy.. Her eyes are mesmerising . Wow, well done
I fully get you on the detailing as I’m the same, and have to force myself to stop at a point… Pinned

Fifi's Cakes

wow! tremendous work!! excellent detailing, really impressive stuff here! x


absolutely perfect!!!



Lisa Herrera (A Cake Come True)

Wow….just wow!

Sandra Smiley

An absolutely marvelous piece! Her face is so gorgeous and her body displays the most accurate, detailed musculature I’ve seen on a sugar figure! Love it!

Viktoria`s Cakes

Cake decor is such a wonderful platform where you get to meet the like minded artists, who understand the intricacies of work. Thanks a ton !!!

Viktoria`s Cakes

Thank you Callicious Cakes and Fifi´s cakes for pinning her to your walls !!!

golosamente by linda

wooowww beautifull

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Absolutely fantastic piece…


so beautiful

Sweet Dreams by Heba

I’m Egyptian and I truly love this masterpiece so so much in every single way!!

Elli Warren

She’s absolutely fantastic!! Gorgeous!! Have added this to faces theme blog! :-) x

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