Mama's Boys Collaboration : THE FASHIONISTA

Mama's Boys Collaboration : THE FASHIONISTA
Mama's Boys Collaboration : THE FASHIONISTA Mama's Boys Collaboration : THE FASHIONISTA

This is my contribution to Mama’s Boys Collaboration. A bunch of only guys to celebrate Mother’s Day [US/Rest of South America and other parts of the World I think] Organised by the lovely Sharon Spradley. The collaboration is based around Flowers, each participant choosing a flower. I chose Camellias and I decided to do them in a semi close state [ a favourite of my mom]

My Piece is a bit about fashion elements as my Mum used to be a keen seamstress when I was growing up so there was always fabrics, materials and plenty of Fashion Magazines around [ Vogue, Bazzar etc]

The structure bottom tier is with Wafer Paper square sheets, I dusted the bottom sheets and the ombre effect in the middle is achieve by reflection of the darker yellow sheets. I wanted to make them in Flower paste but as it is a collaboration I chose to go for the less expensive option.

I also made 5 Isomalt Cocoons to signify My Mother’s family [me , sisters , dad and her] .

“I chose Camellias in the end because of it symbolism [refinement, perfection, excellence] which applies to some qualities I see in my Mum [like I am sure most children see in their Mothers too ]. She has been a force to reckon with, a stern and soft guidance to me and my sisters ,a very strong minded Woman, independent and resourceful, she is also into Fashion and hence the name of the Piece. I still remember back in the day many Vogue, Bazaar and many fashion magazines laying around the house for inspiration to her talents as a hobby seamstress [ she sewed many fashionable gowns for my sisters’ parties and knows everything about fabrics and textures ]. My piece takes inspiration from fashion itself and my Mum’s passion for it [another symbolism for Camellias is passion] with a very structured and irregular bottom tier , all in ombre yellow [ one of her favourite colours, she is not afraid of bright colours] building up to an extended top tier with Golden accents [another colour/metal favourite of Mum] and Isomalt cocoons from where the Camellias sprout in different states . The 5 Cocoons signified her inner family circle [me, sisters, dad and herself] and I added an eucalyptus stem because I remember how much she loved eucalyptus sweets when were young. In fact, there was always a tube of eucalyptus candies with her”

If you would like to see more amazing pieces head to for more pieces!

Hope you all like it!



oh wow exquisite work x

ellie's elegant cakery

Enrique, you never fail to take my breath away! Therer is not one element of this design that I do not love! The ombre wafer paper tiers are brilliant, as is the touch of gold and the camellias and cocoons lovely! I just love your bold, sophistocated style!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I LOVE everything about this. It is just gorgeous!

Enrique, this is breathtaking. The design, color and tribute to your Mother are gorgeous. Congratulations!

Totally stunning in every way and each time I look at this piece I see a new element that is just as breathtaking as all the others. SO well done!

Tampa, Florida

Thanks Ellie!!! Sandra, very kind words!!!thank you! Jenny, Goretti Thanks a lot!!! Gilles, we missed you on this one!!!


Jeanne, wow! Thanks for ur words!!! ☺️ And Sharon, what can I say!? It’s all thanks to you!!! Thanks for having me and your words!