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O Paris

Of love ,of the Eiffel Tower and images of Paris to pretty roses and pearls to a miniature photo frame of the birthday lady to complete a surprise birthday party .I made this for one of my dearest repeat clients and the District Commissioner who loves my vanilla cake and simply refuses to eat another ..There was constant rain ,thunder and lightning so had to do with a 3D Eiffel Tower lamination ,all else is edible .Hope you like the teal shade too

-- Michelle28

whipped cream fondant white edible pearls edible image airbrush photo frame mould piping nozzles paris theme cake birthday cake whipped cream custom made cakes michelle's sweet temptation paris birthday cake


Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

Wow, that’s gorgeous!

Elli Warren

Looks beautiful!! :-) x


Super 😀👍🏻

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

So beautiful x

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Thank you so much Magda’s cakes ,Elli ,Christopher and Khamphet



Sandra Smiley

Beautiful! Again, I am loving your perfect sharp edges!

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Thanks so much Goreti and Sandra

Angel Rushing

Another Beauty!

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Thank you Angel :)

My Sweet World_Elena

So lovely :)

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Thank you My Sweet World :)

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O Paris