Earth Day: Moss, Succulents &Hibiscus

Earth Day: Moss,  Succulents &Hibiscus

I had the opportunity to create a cake for my kids school for Earth Day.
All 5 tiers were cake. Chocolate ganache made the perfect base as I wanted the decor to pop.

I chose Moss for its amazing qualities, in that it acts as a natural antibiotics and green pesticide ( some insects and animals don’t like it’s taste :)) Also, it does not need to be cut so less gasoline powered machines to keep it in check ;)

I love succulents! Not only are they beautiful, but they need very little water to survive.

Hibiscus is one of my favourite flowers because just like the succulents, they are not only pretty, but have so many medicinal properties.

I hope you like my creation.
Have a lovely day all ♡♡♡

The Cake Duchess