Grubs up! Magpie sugar art!

Grubs up! Magpie sugar art!
Grubs up! Magpie sugar art! Grubs up! Magpie sugar art!

So this is my other entry in this years Sydney Royal Easter Show, in the sugarart division… I call it ‘Grubs up’.. This cake almost broke me… Around 8- 10 minutes a feather and hundreds of them… The flying birds structure had to be redesigned after it started spinning, when the wings were attached.. And delivery, I hear you ask? in the back with a hand under the flyer screeching at every pot hole ( thanks for driving honey 💗) broke a beak and a couple of feathers in the way but fixed on site… But I still kinda love it! …LOL😜😜 this was awarded highly commended.

Who did the cake?


Ohhhh gravity defying!!!! I love love love! It’s wonderful

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Wow, blown away, this is so amazing!! The detailing is superb, what incredible sculpting! Congratulations! 👏👏 pinned to sculpted animal cakes

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Wow Helen – everything you do is breathtaking, and this one blows me away too – you are one incredibly talented woman. xx

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Thanks Jon, Oana, Julie and Calli, your comments have blown me away…I’m not kidding though, it nearly killed me… The tears when that top bird broke and had to be reengineered were very real… All a distant memory now 😄😄😄💗💗💗

Who did the cake?

beautiful job

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Wow! Great job!

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