MIMESIS, the fairy greenery (Fairy mask)

MIMESIS, the fairy greenery (Fairy mask)
MIMESIS, the fairy greenery (Fairy mask)

I have always believed that fairies are all around us, if you are able to see them with eyes wide open. They lurk everywhere, right under your nose, among the green, disguising their form. Sometimes they even hide just right in front of you dissembling their masks of normal people. Because there is a fairy inside each and every one of us, if you let the magic flow go.
So here I present you MIMESIS, my faerie greenery.
Not the usual fairy, but a fairy Nature, because mimesis is that imitation of nature which, according to the classical conception, is the foundation of artistic creation.

This piece is part of the AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES collaboration, a woodland fairy centrepiece, made from sugar and chocolate, created for the Irish Sugarcraft Show by the Celtic Cakers and over 100 Irish and International Cake Decorators & Sugar Artists, on show in Dublin.



Laura Saporiti Pastry and Cake Art


Gorgeous and so creative!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I love this so much!!! That mask is so amazing!!! Pinned to Sugar Fairies https://www.pinterest.com/pin/292030357068521627/

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Laura, I adored this. It’s so beautiful and unique. Thank you for all your efforts getting it to us to display at the show 😆

Philip, Kickshaw Cakes