Chibi Link

Chibi Link
Chibi Link Chibi Link Chibi Link

When I started Van Goh Cakes, the first cake I made for Danny was an Avengers inspired Minion cake. You might find it in the previous photos, and I remembered my housemate damaged one of the arms of the minion and I was so upset. Fast forward to this week, and I get to take on another amazing cake project!

My friends and I brainstormed who and what to make for Danny’s birthday this year. He loves his comic characters, and he loves his video game characters as well, but he doesn’t like the colour green! So why not have a green character, but make it green? Link, the character from The Legend of Zelda, was suggested, and that was what I agreed to make.

I knew when Link was mentioned that I wanted to make a Chibi version of it so badly, and I knew Avalon Cakes’s tutorial on CakeMade would come in handy! Avalon makes it look so effortless on the tutorial as she floats through the superhero cake to the princess cake and back and forth she goes. Danny has been my go-to man to help me with boards and internal structures; but with him being the birthday boy I manned up and made the internal structure on my own. When the core features of the cake were made, I started working on the elements that made Link. The boots, clothing, belt, sword, and a shield which I had to make a second version in fondant because the first version was made out of modelling chocolate but was too soft and sticky.

We had a great night with dinner at Bistro Thierry, and when we went back to his place we surprised him with it. He had a good laugh, and I’m glad he loved it. The cake was a matcha green tea cake.

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He turned out great!

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He’s terrific…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

He looks amazing you have a new fan in me!


He is awesome!!!! <333333333

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Ahhhh, so cute!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Aaa I love him!!!! x

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