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40th Birthday Chocolate Drip Cake

Chocolate overload for a 40th birthday. He loves lego and has Scottish heritage so I fashioned the 40 topper to reflect that. Then threw a crapload of chocolate and gold dust at it :-P Yum! I love making this style of cake.


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Calli Creations

Yummy scrummy design!!

Divine Bakes

Oh my yummmmmmm! 😍😍😍

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Fun cake..

Little Apple Cakes

Love love love!

Kelly Stevens

It looks delish!

Sandra Smiley

Wow! Perfect cake for someone with a sweet tooth (that would be me)!



Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

I love the design and it looks so yummy!!!

Elli Warren

Looks fabulous and delicious!! :-) x

Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

Fabulous design


Looks amazing and so delicious!!!

Znique Creations


K Cakes

When I die and go to heaven I expect it to look like this cake! WOW and YUM in equal measures. 😋 xx

Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

Thanks so much everyone!

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40th Birthday Chocolate Drip Cake