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It Didn't Frighten Me

I have spent the last 6 years doing what I love. Spending time with my family and creating edible art. First from home learning as much as I could from TV and the internet . Then this past year working with Dana Herbert (Next Great Baker winner season 1 ) as a cake artist. I have pushed myself over the last two years to places that I’ve never thought I could. Spending 16 years as a Carpenter I learned to work with my hands but I ALWAYS had a passion for the arts. I wanted to be a painter as a small child. I had many difficulties with reading growing up. I was borderline dyslectic with a huge comprehension problem. I was scared of reading and most of all the words. My mother helped me by reading to me and finding books that were funny and got me interested in the story." It Didn’t Frighten Me" by Janet Goss was by far my favorite Book growing up. I loved reading it with my mom saying the funny phrase each time with her. Its amazing going full circle …. I now have my own little girls and we read this story. This wasn’t a popular book. Very limited copies were made. I’m blessed my mom still has a copy. Thank You Janet Goss where ever you are for grabbing the interest of a little girl that loves art and NOW loves to read Books haha

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Hiromi Greer

Love the painting!!

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Great interpretation x

Becca's Edible Art

Such great painting!!! Thanks for being a part of the collab!

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Laura Peterson

Thanks guys I absolutely love this book



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What a Sweet story!! Love it!!


very nice!

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Sonal Soni


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Love!!! Great hand-painting, too!

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It Didn't Frighten Me