Lilac Romance - Wedding Cake

Lilac Romance - Wedding Cake

Inspired by the amazing Maggie Austin. I was asked to do something similar.
Ruffles….. first time with these!!!! i now have the deepest respect for anyone doing ruffles… these took 30 hours.
Cakes are Lemon Drizzle Madeira with whipped lemon and white chocolate butter-cream, Rich Chocolate Torte with dark chocolate ganache filling and Fruity moist carrot cake with whipped orange buttercream. Decorated with dragees, Sugar Crafted fantasy Peonies, Lilac blossoms, leaves and berries, lilac-graded petal ruffles and top tier I added bass relief detailing which brought in the detailing of brides bodice of her beautiful dress. I added a few work-in-progress pics too.
A big thank you to Altimate Wedding Photography for giving me a few of his stunning photos of the cake cutting.

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Beautiful!!! I love it!!!

Catalina Anghel

It’s beautiful Calli!

Kelly's Kitchen

Very Beautiful !!!!

@ Yummy In Tummies.อร่อยลงพุง ...

Oh my goodness Calli, this is absolutely breathtaking! The color, the ruffles, the bias relief, the beading, and those gorgeous flowers, everything is so exquisite! What talent, and what a labor of love!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Absolutely stunning! Such a pleasure to discover all the beautiful techniques used to create this masterpiece!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Oh my Calli…where do I start! The flowers are gorgeous, the ruffles ever so pretty… the dragees with piping, lovely idea and design..and the bas relief is so beautiful..Just a stunning cake…

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