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Pumpkin Baby Shower

This cake was made for a friend of mine:) I sculpted the pumpkig using Amelia Carbine’s tutorial on CakeFu as a reference. The head was created using styrofoam due to forgetting the rice crispies. lol I dusted the pumpkin with a brown petal dust.

-- Tastebuds Cakery

leaf cookie cutter fondant cake styrofoam petal dust dowels cake board clay modeling tools exacto knife or paring knife rolling pin baby shower fall cake pumpkins sculpted cake


CakeHeaven by Marlene


Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you!

Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

Toooo cute xx


So cute


How cute!

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you!♡♡♡

Sandra Smiley

This is adorable! Perfect baby shower cake!

Elli Warren

Aww so cute!! :-) x

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you Sandra and Elli!!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Such a sweet cake!

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you

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Pumpkin Baby Shower