“Shan’s Lollipop Christmas”

“Shan’s Lollipop Christmas”
“Shan’s Lollipop Christmas”

Madeira gateaux with 8 layers in bright colours. Ganached, then covered with white fondant, decorated with rainbow royal icing drips. Adorned with lollipops, candy canes and M&M’s.
Progel colours: purple, ice blue, lime green, yellow, tangerine, pink
Inspired to make a lollipop cake after seeing Raspberry Cupcakes “Psychedelic Rainbow Swirl Lollipop Cake”…

Julez, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allways-Cakes/450634018350115?ref=hl


Sooooo cool! Love it!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Beautiful cake and very nice colours!


Sooo perfectly executed! Not surprising :) xx

The Cake Duchess

I love this dear June! Have a white Merry Christmas!!!


Loving this Julez!! So well done!!

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