#UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed

#UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed
#UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed #UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed #UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed #UNSA Team Red "Giving AIDS the finger" #BeTeamRed

__. This is my piece for UNSA World AIDS day sugar art ‘Getting to Zero’, it’s my first ever collaboration so was very excited to be a part of this group and great cause.its all about getting to zero babies born with HIV.
I call it “Giving AIDS the finger!”

My piece, depicts a touch between a mothers hand and her baby as a life size sculpture, they are triumphant in beating aids, due to the antiviral drugs as seen surrounding her hand!
My idea came from the fact that I’m excited that due to the free issue of anti viral drugs that one day, in my life time all babies born in Africa will be HIV free due to the program! My husband nicknamed it, “Giving aids the finger” ( if you turn it upside down you will see it!) and I think it is very fitting! The piece is made from fondant and modelling chocolate.

All Donations made through our campaign go directly to The Global Fund, which offer treatments and programs for people They make sure ARV medication and PMTCT programs are available, free of charge. The main goal is to get the numbers to zero, as soon as possible.

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