Orphans with AIDS

Orphans with AIDS
Orphans with AIDS Orphans with AIDS Orphans with AIDS

This is my contribution to the United Nation Sugar Art . The United Nations of Sugar Art is a coalition of Artist from around the World using edible mediums to raise Social awareness. Today’s awareness … Dec 1, 2015 is World AIDS Day…

Explaintion of my cake:
A cake usually represent joy and happiness of a wonderful celebration…Not in this case…. It represents heartache and sorrow With The epidemic of AIDS… In Africa over 600 infants are born daily with AIDS…. Most will soon been orphaned. These children I have on my sugar art are orphans with AIDS. Their families have all perished due to AIDS. Here They sit upon a upside down Zulu basket .
A Zulu basket is a gift that the bride gives to her groom. The basket can take two weeks to several months to make. And it usually tells a story with its patterns about the Family generations. It’s a gift that’s cherished and kept for life. My upside down Zulu basket here represents the end of generations… The end of family. These children will never be able to Make and give such a gift because they too will soon die. Die like the rest of their family. look deeper and You can see Their past generations are behind them in death. The Red Ribbon upon the cake is bleeding in sorrow. My goal in this sugar art piece was to show truth! No flowers, no glitz, no celebration, no happiness… But that of Death, Sorrow and Truth that hopefully leads to a
Awareness and Inspiration for a cure.
For more sugar art pieces from m around the world please click on the link, like our page and contribute if possible. Thank you.
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Misti Short Cakes


This is EPIC! Your story with this is so very moving and your artwork and that Zulu Basket .. my goodness, what a talent you have. Incredible tribute to the cause.


'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela http://www.facebook.com/CakesByFifi

Misti this is stunning, the work on the basket alone is gorgeous, new follow x


Sugar Wishes-Zaxarenies Euxes