Alf Hitchcock -Psycho Birthday Cake!

Anthony Hitchcock is 70 tomorrow, his best pal of sixty years, Keith saw my Halloween cake of Frank and asked if I could do Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho. When I enquired what was it for he explained he had given poor Anthony the nickname ‘Alf’ decades ago and even to this day everyone knows him as ‘Alf’, most not knowing his real name! This good humoured 72 year old commissioned this caricature cake to have another laugh at Anthony’s expense for a small gathering of old pals for his birthday celebration ! Keith loves it and assures me that ‘Alf’ will too! Fingers crossed :o)

The cake is 15" tall, the body is shaped 6" ganached chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The legs RKT. All tailored in fondant with a modelling chocolate hand crafted head. The shower curtain is fondant the base modelling paste. Painting and dusting in edible colours.

Cake #3

renshaw fondant renshaw flower & modelling paste modeling chocolate rkt hand sculpted 3d cake modelling scene



Looks awesome!


Thanks, he’s unnervingly life like in the ‘flesh’ I kept expecting him to blink or move haha! :o)

Lulubelle's Bakes

Excellent Christopher!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a unique and awesome cake! So creative!! Love it!


Fantastic cake!


Aww thanks all! ;o)


Brilliant! Well done its great.


Thanks Nicky! ;o)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

What a clever cake…teriffic modeling..

José Pablo Vega

OMLord is amazing


Thanks June/ Art! I must admit to transfer what was in my head into reality was such a joy! I am pleased with the result of what is only my third ever cake creation! 👍🏻

The Little Cake Company

He is awesome!!!

Elli Warren

Looks fantastic!!! Amazing modelling!! :-) x



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Alf Hitchcock -Psycho Birthday Cake!