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The Incredible Hulk - Baking for Superjosh collaboration

I have been honoured to be part of an incredible global group of cake artists who have come together to celebrate the life of Joshua Wilson, a brave little boy who lost his battle with a Brain Tumour.
Joshua loved Superheroes and cake and is infamously known to everyone as “Superjosh” In true Superhero style Josh’s Charity continues to raise funds for other families needing support through their child’s Illness. This collaboration hopes the raise further awareness of the charity and hopefully raise some funds along the way.
Each Artist was nominated a Super hero – Mine was the the Incredible Hulk. I hope my creation makes you smile as Josh would have wanted
To view the other creations by all of the talented artists please visit the Baking for Superjosh Facebook page at make a donation – please visit our just giving page at

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Fantastic and scary!

Incredible work on your Incredible Hulk !!!

-- Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes

absolutely brilliant x

-- Shell, Norfolk, UK

So awesome!! <3 <3 <3 fabulous work :)

-- Dubey Cakes


-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Wow!!! What a fantastic piece!!! Totally awesome!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven


-- Anka

He is amazing! xx

-- Sheona x