sugar ranunculus

 sugar ranunculus
 sugar ranunculus  sugar ranunculus  sugar ranunculus

I have been playing with a freeform version of sugar ranunculus. I made this with a plastic bag a veiner and scissors. No other tools. It is great to be able to make something freeform and not have to buy lots of tools. I’m looking forward to making more and perfecting it . This one is far from perfect but I felt like I was getting somewhere with this method. Will make some more soon as i really enjoyed making it.

All my tutorials available at present are on!/Rose-Tutorials-And-Classes/c/10773669
More coming soon

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Oh my! This is glorious. I need to make ranunculus in a couple of weeks, I will have to remember to look out your tutorial.

That tutorial will be awesome!!! This is so beautiful and love how its freeform as well xx

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Really looking forward to this tutorial Lisa. This is one flower I haven’t tried making and I do love them. Your’s is so beautiful.


One of my fav flowers!! awesome!

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