Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth

Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth
Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth Shredded Wheat Swamp Sloth

My anti gravity Sloth cake won gold and first place this weekend just gone at Cake International in the Decorative Exhibit category at the NEC. Im so proud beyond belief and have had so many lovely comments, both in person and online.
The cake gives the appearance of being an anti gravity cake to make the sloth look like its hanging off the tree but it had lots of internal support with its structure being built from copper piping, thread rods, wood nuts and bolts.

The cake has been set in a swamp scene to make it more realistic and features edible frog spawn made from isomalt, tadpoles sculpted from flowerpaste and a hovering dragon fly which brings live motion to the scene, especially with the gelatin splash and piping gel water.
The tree has lots of edible rice paper leaves and is adorned with edible bugs and moss/fungi made using chilli flakes and various herbs

then there’s that fur! oh the fur they say :)

read the full stories here :

hairs individually inserted in strips


That one was absolutely AMAZING!!! I love every single detail that you made. Out standing work!

Thank you hun :) lots of lovely comments xx

Vicky hon…. this is still leaving me speechless… every tiny detail your ingenious use of edible products and making your own too… i adore him!!!! well deserved award talented lady
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incredible outstanding artist you are!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Absolutely amazing work! An artist thru and thru! congratulations on your wins !!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Calli you always blow me away with your lovely comments :) I wish you could upload more images here as theres so many angles and stuff to look at with the bugs and the moss and fungi :)

hopefully people will click the link and see the images in the gallery on the daily post :)

thanks to all x

He was just awesome! Loved this piece and so pleased on the 1st you won x

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thank you :) first 1st in decorative exhibit as I usually do sculpted novelty cake :)

So absolutely amazing!!!

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