Gothic Girl

Gothic Girl
Gothic Girl Gothic Girl

This is my contribution to the Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration. The inspiration for my piece came from the many vintage/goth style dresses found on the internet as well as a handmade doll by Tireless Artist. I used the gold and black colors found often in the gothic style as well as the handmade roses. The head piece is made from wire twisted together to form a nest in which the ravens can rest.

You have entered the realm of the Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration- CAN YOU HANDLE THE HORROR? A collaboration that explores the dark, chilling and spine tingling tales from “The penny dreadful horror classics”. Frankensteins Monster, Vanessa Ives, Dracula, Dorian grey, Jack the Ripper, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons and Vampires all interlaced with a generous helping of Gothic Victoriana and re-imagined in cake, cookies, cupcakes or sugar art

Jeana Millan -