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A Roald Dahl Celebration - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

I recently took part in a collaboration with 19 other bakers from around the world to celebrate Roald Dahl. This is my piece, based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I chose to base mine on the second movie, as I love the whimsicality of it.

The bottom tier is a a x1.5 height chocolate orange cake, and half sphere’s, covered in chocolate fondant round the sides and on the board and then piped royal icing using the small hair tip on the top. The top tier is an 8" and 6" Madeira cake, carved into the shape of Willy Wonka’s hat.

Please follow the link to view the other bakers pieces, and share for all to see:

-- Kay

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jen lofthouse

lovely work x

Calli Creations

Fabulous design


fab idea

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

Loving the design of this and the chocolate bottom tier x


Looks great!


Love this Kay brilliant design

Lynette Horner

Fantastic, love the bumpy chocolate cake x

Laura Loukaides


SpecialT Cakes - Tracie Callum

Fantastic love it x

il mondo di ielle


Tiers of Indulgence

Brilliant design! X

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Love this one!

Julie Reed Cakes

Looks fantastic, well done x

Mary's Cakes

Fab design!x

Dora Th.

Fantastic !!

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A Roald Dahl Celebration - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory