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First Icing Smiles Cake!!!

This cake was so very special to me because it was the first cake I have made as a Sugar Angel:) These children go through so much and growing up I had always given to St. Jude’s which made me feel like I was in some way helping these children who have been dealt a bad hand. And now, I feel like I am able to give of myself even more by personally putting smiles on their beautiful faces:) I so wish I could take away their sickness instead, but I am happy and honored to have the opportunity to help them forget about their sickness and pain even if it is but for a moment. This cake was definitely more than just a cake order to me:)

-- Tastebuds Cakery

cake board smbc lmf fondant tylose powder numbers cake pan dowels ribbon exacto knife rolling pin razor blade sesame street elmo icing smiles grover big bird 2nd birthday double barrel


Elli Warren

Adorable and so so sweet!! Well done, such a brilliant cause!! :-) x

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you Elli!!!!


Perfect and well done great cause

Sweet Traditions

Della it’s adorable!!!! Its always wonderful when we can use our “cakey powers” for a great cause! Great job👍


Fabulous cake! A wonderful organization!

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you all! :) It definitely is a great cause!

Have Some Cake

So bright! Love it!

Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

Love the colours!

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First Icing Smiles Cake!!!