Little Cherry




Pink Panther Cake

Loved that this pink cake was for a man :)


pink panther cake pink paw prints 50 two tier birthday


Michal Bulla

The Panther looks great … I love it ;)

Little Cherry

thank-you! XD was great to make a different character :) x


i love the pink panther . awesome

Benni Rienzo Radic

He is perfect!! This really made me smile. Your pink panther is spot on!

Little Cherry

thank-you so much! XD

Tea Party Cakes

Love your pink panther! His expression is perfect!

Little Cherry

aww thank-you! I was worried how his ‘floating eyebrows’ would turn out but they seem to look ok where they are LOL I was expecting to stick them on and he look angry ha ha

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Fantastic! He is the most perfect Sugar Pink Panther I’ve seen! Well done :)

Little Cherry

ha ha wow thank-you so much!

Joyce Nimmo

I love that movie and I love your cake – awesome job J:~D

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Pink Panther Cake