Peranakan Bliss

Peranakan Bliss
Peranakan Bliss Peranakan Bliss Peranakan Bliss Peranakan Bliss

This is a tribute to my late Ah Ma, my paternal grandmother, and my entry for the Wedding Cake category of Cake Challenge Malaysia 2015.

Ah Ma was a Nyonya, also known as Peranakan or Straits Chinese, descendents of early chinese settlers in Southeast Asia. While they kept many traditional chinese traditions, the peranakan communities also assimilated the local customs and lifestyles, resulting in a unique blend of language, customs and traditions. Peranakan arts and crafts are unique and beautiful, and one of the most well-known is the nyonya kebaya.

I remember my Ah Ma looking resplendent in her colourful kebayas for many family functions, and treasure those she has passed down to me. The peony motif on the _batik _is a copy from her sarung, and the pink and blue vibrant colors are also in her memory (I remember being admonished for wearing navy blue to a wedding function because ‘those are funeral colors – go change into something red!!’). The _kebaya _top is embroidered with Orchid and sweet pea motifs in brushed embroidery and maroon _kerawang _embroidery, and _Kerongsang _(brooches) in gold with jade insets. And the cake base is reminiscent of the famed ‘kasut manek’, slippers hand- beaded by nyonya ladies. Nyonya ladies would often wear their hair up with gold or flowers in their hair, hence the cymbidiums on top the cake.
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Beautiful design!!

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Just so beautiful x

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wow … a lot of work … and executed beautifully :0)


Truly gorgeous!

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