Aso Ebi Cake

Aso Ebi Cake
Aso Ebi Cake Aso Ebi Cake

Another set of couple dressed in the traditional Yoruba outfit. This female figurine is my favorite so far. I am very satisfied with her smile and makeup. I did have a problem with the neck though; so if anyone has any pointers as to how to get a smoother and seamless neck, I would very much appreciate it. In my case, I create the neck together with the body/torso. I let it dry before placing the head on the neck. The head is usually still somewhat soft when I am placing it so that I can blend it with the neck to create a more realistic looking head from the side and back view. But this hasn’t been working too well so I am open to any suggestion. Thanks for looking and thanks for sharing what may have worked for you.

Ramids Confections


Oh you have such a talent. Your models are so beautiful, from the expression on their faces to their exquisite clothing. I love the vibrant colour and the contrast of your flowers is just magical. Xxnew followerXx admiration.

Fancy Fondant WA

Amazing!!! Wonderful modeling and such a sweet couple! ♥

Floralilie Sugar Art

Wow, she’s remarkable. Love her traditional dress , along with her perfect dazzling smile xx

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Just plain Fantastic!

Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes