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The Blossom Princess - Gardens of the World collab

Hi all!

This is a piece I made for my first ever collaboration (yay!), Gardens of the World. This piece was inspired by Japan, namely the mythological Blossom Princess, Konohana Sakuya Hime, or the Japanese Spirit of Spring. She’s also fabled to prevent mount Fuji from erupting, so that’s why it’s in the backdrop and the torii gate is shown at her shoulder (these gates mark the entrance to her shrines which are dotted all over the mountain).

This took a phenomenal amount of time and as I’d never sculpted a bust before I had to redo quite a few bits in the process. The whole thing is covered and sculpted in fondant to get the pure white for the skin – needless to say I now know why everyone uses MC instead!! Thanks to Liz Marek for her RKT vid on youtube and Kara Andretta for first showing the progress pics of her Threadcakes entry last year which seemed to have put ideas into my head :)

Thanks for looking!

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Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thanks Rachel <3



The Custom Piece of Cake

She’s perfect, congratulations, you did fabulous job :)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Out of this world gorgeous!!!! Sawsen you already know how much I love her!!!


Gorgeous piece, Sawsen!!

Elli Warren

Wowww absolutely gorgeous!!! The detail is incredible!!! Stunning work!!! :-) x

Jeanne Winslow

Wonderful piece!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you everyone for such kind words <3<3

Veenas Art of Cakes

Oh wow.. Amazing piece




It looks great!!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you very much 💖


Oooh wow this is amazing!!
She looks like porcelain Beautiful Sawsen ❤️❤️❤️

Fées Maison (AHMADI)

Amazing work ! Congrats

Butterfly Cakes and Bakes

Sooo beautiful x

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The Blossom Princess - Gardens of the World collab