Sumo Seahorse

Sumo Seahorse
Sumo Seahorse Sumo Seahorse Sumo Seahorse

My contribution to the Sugar Myths and Fantasies collaboration.
I called him Beautiful, an ode to Liu Xue, the original sculptor, and it was such an honour recreating him in cake, and being in the company of my amazing collaborators!!
I was really touched by this sculpture as I could see the pain in his face, it made me think of how we should see beauty in everyone and embrace our differences!
I used gumpaste, modeling chocolate and fondant to create this guy, and sculpted him using my SugarShapers! I used ACP, Amber Adamson’s method to color him and them used makeup sponges to bring his skin to life!


Dear Nathalie..welcome to Cakes Decor!!!!
. You know I’ve been a stalker on this one… It feeds my artists heart this does… It’s just so remarkable in so many ways… Such talent you have.
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You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I’m so humbled by your kindness Calli and ladies!! Way to give a girl some confidence!! I just want to hug you, thank you!!!!

Welcome!! I’m following you now. Love your cute little guy and his happy little tummy! He is fantastic!

He is so amazing . You really captured his pain and emotions and translated beautifully. Im still trying to figure out how is it he’s balancing, could it be his arms that keep him from tipping over. Geezzz woman, you nailed it!

Maria Cazarez